What Goes Best With Stuffed Vegetables?

Stuffed is good when stuffed with olive oil for some, and when stuffed with meat for others. Both types are delicious of course. Examples of stuffed types are stuffed green peppers, stuffed peppers, and eggplants, stuffed zucchini. Stuffed, which differs from region to region, is an indispensable food in some places.

What Goes Well With Stuffed?

Stuffed is a fulfilling dish on its own as well. Yet if we wish, we can offer a tarhana soup first. Iced tzatziki prepared with yogurt, cucumber, and mint would be very nice.

How to prepare stuffed with olive oil’s ingredients?

Rice is washed well. 3 or 4 onions are cut according to the size. Spices are added upon request. Tomatoes are grated, parsley, dill, and green mint are finely chopped and added. We prepare the inside ingredients by adding olive oil and salt. We can use this stuffing with any vegetables we want.

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