What Goes Well With Izmir Meatballs

Among the meatball varieties, Izmir meatballs are perhaps the only meatball variety that does not require potatoes with it. Because potatoes are essential when cooking Izmir meatballs. Long and thinly sliced potatoes are again fried with meatballs which are kneaded for a long period of time. After it is fried a little, the potato and meatball duo given to the oven get their main flavor from tomato sauce. It is recommended to use tomatoes instead of tomato paste when making Izmir meatballs, as it will make the dish more delicious. 

The dishes you can make next to Izmir meatballs are as follows:


You can enjoy rice alongside all kinds of meatballs. Chickpeas and noodles don’t matter, you can eat any kind of rice with pleasure next to Izmir meatballs. Izmir meatballs and rice, which are an ideal duo for a filling and perfect dinner, will give you a feast of flavor.


The salad, which is indispensable for the tables and which we recommend to consume in addition to every meal, will also go great with Izmir meatballs. A salad with plenty of greens and olive oil is a candidate to add flavor to the delicious Izmir meatballs.

White Bean Salad

White bean salad, whose main ingredient is dried beans, has been in Turkish cuisine for a long time.The fact that it is also rich in greenery increases its nutritional value.  Always have white bean salad, which you can consume with Izmir meatballs, ready on your tables.


It doesn’t matter if it’s lentil, ezogelin, tomato or yogurt. You should definitely consume soup before every meal. You can consume all kinds of soup that will prepare your stomach before Izmir meatballs.

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A nice pasta, just like rice, goes well with Izmir meatballs.

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