What Goes Well With Minced Spinach?

The minced spinach dish is very rich in iron and it is advised to eat it frequently, especially for the elderly and children.Spinach contains nitrate. In order to remove this from vegetables, spinach needs to be dipped up in boiling water after washing. That only takes half a second. There will be no nitrates left in the spinach, which is quickly dipped up, and the nitrate will leave itself in hot water.

This process must be done. But it is important to dip it in hot water immediately, and not to let it wait in hot water.

It is necessary to pay close attention to the time, since all the benefits of spinach waiting in hot water will pass into the waste water. If this process is not applied to the spinach, the nitrate in it turns into nitrite with heat. And it acts as poison.

This accumulates in the body in the long term and leads to damage. In some cases, it can also have an immediate effect. Also, the cooked spinach should never be heated when eaten again. 

What goes well with a minced spinach dish?

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

This pasta is a classic one. It’s perfect for a classic meal.

Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms add another specialty to everything they’re mixed with. Especially in mushroom pasta, it forms a much-needed taste that suits a lot. This pasta is a very suitable flavor for your table, which has Minced Spinach on it.

Lentil Soup

In terms of iron supplementation, lentil soup can be served with lemon.

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Savoury Potato Pie

Such a meal will add richness to the table. It can be served in different ways. 

Leek Stuffing with Olive Oil

The insides of the leeks are hollowed and filled with bulgur. Leeks are tightly lined up side by side so that they do not fall apart while they are cooking. The cooking time is 2 hours. It should be cooked over a slow heat and with plenty of olive oil, tomato sauce.

Small Cakes with Syrup

At the end of the meal, two small cakes with syrup next to coffee goes very well.

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