What’s Good With Meat Saute?

Sauteed meat which you prepare for your dinner or your guests is a delicious and nutritious meal. Meat saute, which is a main dish itself, as a matter of course, cannot be served alone.

We have suggestions which will add color to your dinner tables and go great with meat saute.

Potatoes are one of the indispensable vegetables next to meat saute. To catch a different presentation and flavour, we recommend you creamy baked potato.

Cut the potatoes into pearl rings and mix them with a box of cream, 1-2 cloves of garlic and a little salt. Pour it on the pan and sprinkle it with lots of kashar cheese and put it in the oven.

We also offer you a delicious and different salad: Green lentil salad will also be a very harmonious flavor with sauteed meat. (Which can be found in our website as well)

You can blend the boiled green lentils with 1 sauteed carrot, a little amount of boiled rice, parsley and onion and flavor it with olive oil and spices.


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