What to Eat with Ice Cream?

Today, ice cream, which is consumed quite loose only in summer, is an extra refreshing food which is loved by people.

If you do not drink warm water after consuming this food, which has no filling feature, it is highly likely to cause throat diseases.

Besides this, you can be hundred percent sure that eating dried nuts will make the ice cream more delicious, as well as ice cream consumed regardless of children, old or young.

Generally, tossing the chopped peanuts on the ice cream makes it more delicious. The pleasure of eating ice cream, which varies according to the taste of each person, brings along the options of consuming it together with dried nuts. People decorate their ice cream enjoyment with nuts in different styles.

While eating ice cream, people generally consume cola as a beverage. Apart from cola, you can drink fruit juice which is more beneficial and with a difference in taste.

Baklava is one of the desserts which go best with ice cream. You can also make baklava more delicious with ice cream.

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