What Goes with Stew

The tradition of making stew, which has come from a long time ago, has been going on for many years. The meat is chopped into morsel sized pieces and cooked over an ember fire, adding tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and various chili peppers.

If we think about what foods we can consume with stew; baked pita should come first, that is, hot bread. Next to that firstly there should be coke or buttermilk and lastly tea.

Casserole is a delicious food that can also be consumed without a food next to it. Casserole is generally among the traditional foods consumed after the festival of sacrifice or during celebrations with a small number of people.

There should definitely be fried chillies alongside the stew dish. In addition, fried onions and tomatoes can be consumed according to your own taste.

In addition to going very well with stew, cold buttermilk with foam, also helps your stomach digest.

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